Trump Warns Modi Regarding Hydroxychloroquine

U.S President Donald Trump Warns About Retaliation To Modi Regarding Hydroxychloroquine tablet’s ban on export from India.

trump warns modi

The drug Hydroxychloroquine is useful in treatment of the Covid-19 disease.

India is one the largest producers of the Hydroxychloroquine tablets and also India has a ban on export of these Hydroxychloroquine tablets.

Hydroxychloroquine tablet

Trump and Modi Relation

Both Trump & Modi are considered good friends on diplomatic issues. But when a crisis hit the U.S, the friendship did not seem useful.

A friendly conversation could’ve solved this problem between the two leaders.

trump angry on india

The POTUS had recently visited India in February and had a good time and also made a trade deal with India.

More than 1,25,000 Indians attended the event live In Sardar Patel Cricket Stadium In Ahemdabad.

India and U.S.A Relations

The diplomatic relations of the two nation have been good in the past and has only bettered over time.

India and U.S.A both consider each other as friends and have helped each other whenever in need.

india and usa relations

India’s reply to Donald Trump

PM Narendra Modi has lifted the ban on Hydroxychloroquine tablets export after having a conversation with Donald Trump.

The lifting up of the ban came after Donald Trump’s comments about a possible retaliation towards India.

modi worried

Once the pandemic gets over we all have something to think about the relations of India and America.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.


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