Top 10 Indian Meme Pages On Instagram 2020

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Here is a list of Top 10 Indian Meme Pages On Instagram 2020. The pages links have also been provided with this article.

Memes In today’s time are as popular as any other thing on the internet now.

You can just click on the name of the page to reach their Instagram handles.

Top 10 Indian Meme Pages 2020

1. @GHANtaa

top ten indian meme pages

With 6.4M followers @ghantaa is the top Indian meme page on Instagram in India.

2. @tedthestoner

nirmala sitharaman meme

@tedthestoner has 1.2M followers as of now, the page mostly posts dog memes. The page has also helped a lot of dogs get home via adoption.

3.  @memechatapp

top ten indian meme pages on instagram

Memechat as of now has just 35.5K followers on Instagram.

But it is the source of all the original memes on Instagram in India.

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4. @_dekhbhai_

indian memes

With 3.1M follower _dekhbhai_ does not only post memes but it also posts travel & love videos.

5. @adultfamily

indian meme

@adultfamily has 1.6M followers as of now and has a huge collection of adult memes.

 6. @fuddu_sperm

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@fuddu_sperm has 3M followers now and posts some catchy content every day.

7. @error69

ex girlfriend memes@error69 has 3.1M followers as of now and has content that will make you laugh out.

8. @naughtyworld_

hera pheri memes

@naughtyworld_ has 8.2M followers on Instagram but it does not only posts meme it posts content for couples too.

9. @superchutya

sad memes

With 1.7M follower @superchutya has a large collection of original memes on their page.

10. @pradhan_mantri_bae_dilao_yojna

top ten indian meme pages

With just 15.3K followers @pradhan_mantri_bae_dilao_yojna is the best page to go for dank memes and original memes.

What is a meme?

A meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

Memes are very popular in this era and it’s not just a place of fun but also people advertise their products on meme pages.

So tell us how you liked our pitch for the Top 10 Indian Meme Pages 2020.

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