The Lion King 2 Updates: Everything you need to know on the Disney Sequel

The Lion King 2 Updates- Everything you need to know on the Disney Sequel

Ohh yes You read that right! The Lion King 2 on its way to give you eye smacking delight.

Disney has recently spilled the beans about the sequel coming up in the future. Hakuna Matata is going to be on loop one more time. Yes, the blockbuster hit of 1990 is all set to be on the grounds again with new twists and turns. This take on creating a new sequel will really turn out to be a piece of amazing news for the worldwide Simba Lovers. Moreover, the fan following of The Lion King is no less than a celebrity so Disney is all set to give it a shot in producing it.

The Lion King revolves around the splendid life journey of Simba. The main protagonist of the movie and the successor of Pride Rock (their lion pride). His father Mufasa has been loyal and unbiased in ruling over the throne for years. After all, he has sworn to protect the pride at his best and teaches his son Simba the same.

But there stays someone who is not at all happy with all this. His uncle, Scar. Ohh, he has a new web all set every time to strangle the father-son duo into trouble. But, with a heavy heart in one such plot the King gets sacrificed. Moreover, Simba manages to save his breath and makes his way out of pride to an all-new place. As he thinks that it was him due to whom his father had to take his last breath. So, he assumes himself not to be a deserving candidate to be the new Lion King. But later, he realizes the truth and gets back to his pride. And the story further unfolds his fight for the right. You need to watch its nail-biting end for sure.

Know who’s directing it

The sequel is set to be molded in its new form by none other than the Oscar-winning scriptwriter Berry Jenkins. He won it for the movie Moonlight. What a piece of art it was! And we are sure that he will give the same tinge of creativity to this sequel too. Who better than him can take up this task to present a sure shot blockbuster.

During one of his interviews, Jenkins has expressed how excited he is to work on this sequel. Moreover, he counts the characters of this movie to be a part of his growing years. He finds it to be one of its kind opportunities to work with DISNEY! So, put on your seat belts to get a delicious blend of friendship, love, successorship, and truth to unfold in the best phase. It is also said that Berry’s partners Adele Romanski and Mark Ceryak will accompany him on the producer’s list.

Sequel, sequel: The new game!

We know, Disney has always been known to produce the sequels of many classics. Though it is Cinderella or Toy Story all of it has its sequel. And this time, it’s the turn of The Lion King. It is predicted that the movie will be in the thread to the previous version. Adding to it, it is also said that it will revolve around the childhood of Mufasa, the father of Simba. But more to be explored. Moreover, it will also have the hue of a photorealistic version like that of the 2019 version rather than an animated one. Hence, not has been released in detail by the makers, we will wait to get more updates. And update you too.

It is releasing on…?

Are you excited to know the release date? Let us tell you a secret, moreover even we are eager to know the same. But as of now, we have no confirmed dates to share with you. In this COVID world, many things seem untold and lingering to get completed. So let’s hope that it turns out on the big screens soon. So that we can know what lined in the show for us.

Until Then Happy Reading and We Will Come Up With New Updates Soon!


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