Tea Stalls- A Second Home to Indians

India is a home to all the people from different cultures and phases of life. There are many things that keep the people of India united but only one beverage that calls and unifies people from every age- TEA. Tea has been a vital beverage in India for roadside old beggars to young college students to middle aged business tycoons. Most of us grew up seeing our grandparents ask for or make and sip a cup of tea, or “CHAI”, as said in India.

The growing consumption of tea gives a reason for self-employment to so many people from lower to lower middle class, in the form of tea stalls. By bringing up ingredients that are needed for tea – making in bulk (Tea pacets, Ginger,Milk packets, TULSI and Pudina) , they connect the gas stove to the gas cylinder with table supporting the gas stove and just get started with their “Tapri” or “Roadside Tea Stall” business. The places they select are near the schools, colleges, corporate offices and hospitals as these places are the most visited places by people from every social class. Their target customers are everyone which is why their product is as feasible as possible.

I personally started loving to be at a tea stall in the recent years because, firstly, I’m a hardcore Tea lover and secondly, the values this place uphold.

1.Inclusive of every kind of humans.

A roadside tea stall is filled with people from all the places and classes. Despite this difference the services and the product quality provided is same to every person with outmost respect and love. This quality of inclusiveness keep even beggars their regular customers.

2. Best Product quality with limited resources.

Excluding the gas cylinders and gas stove, the ingredients included are not much expensive. Even if there is a shortage of any of these ingredients, they will make their product tastier in some other way. They never compromise on their product quality irrespective of the amount of resources.

3. “Never say Die” attitude

As they run their business on roadside , there is a constant issue of harassments Municipal Corporation employees. The main issue they make is they ask the vendors to lift up their stalls during public holidays or celebrity visit of the city (they kep the roads free for them) and they wont let them keep the stalls for days or weeks straight. But they keep their business going either by running it silently or opening it after allowance without compromising the quality if their tea.

4.Simplicity is virtue.

Unlike restaurants, tea stalls don’t have ‘beautifully prepared’ tables and chairs. Most of them do not have chairs and tables. Spending even 5 minutes at a tea stall teaches you to enjoy little things in simple ways such as carefully holding the hot freshly made tea and sipping it in a standing position.

5. Listening and Having Conversations.

As per I observed, every business deals, news discussions and even solution to daily problems is talked on and about at a tea stall by every person visiting there. One of my favourite things to do there is to talk to any visitor, which teaches me how to initiate a conversation with a stranger by decoding their moods. In a nutshell, these are the best places to be a part of any conversations either as a listener or a speaker.

Tea stalls are places that bid people from every aspects of life with conversations over their common interest, ‘Ek Cutting Chai’. The next time you visit a tea stall, try to perceive and feel all the ‘Tapri Feels’.

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