Putin defends Trump against ‘Spurious’ impeachment

Russian President Vladimir Putin rode to the defence of Donald Trump by dismissing the ‘spurious’ impeachment of of the the American leader as an attempt by his political opponents to oust him.

The vote against Trump in the democratic controlled house of representatives reflects a continuing “domestic political battle” in the U.S , Putin told his annual end of year press conference in Moscow on Thursday.” The party that lost the election , The Democratic party, is trying to reach its goal by different means “, he said.

Trump’s presidency is far from over ,since Republican lawmakers who control the senate.”are unlikely to want to drive out of power a representative of their own party ” he said.

Putin who has repeatedly rejected finding by us intelligence agencies that Russia intervened to help get Trump elected in 2016 mocked the democratic for targeting Trump over allegations he abused his office by pressuring Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate his rival Joe Biden. At their summit in Helsinki last year ,.Putin told reporters that he’d wanted Trump to win the election.

The Kermlin leader’s marathon press conference lasted more than four hours and was attended by more than 1,000 journalists from around Russia and the world. Increasingly resembling his an

nual phone – in with ordinary Russians eager to to secure his help in resolving local problems, the president faced questions mostly on domestic issues including pensions, rubbish disposal and the high costs of the flight. many participants held up large science to try to attract his attention to the local region.

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