One Piece Chapter 983 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaks: Yamato saves Luffy from Ulti and Page One

One Piece Chapter 983 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaks- Yamato saves Luffy from Ulti and Page One

One Piece Chapter 983 are finally out with the raw scans leaks arriving on the internet. Yamato finally makes an appearance in the manga series and save Luffy from Ulti and Page One. Zoro and Kidd are fighting the gifters and keeping the enemies at bay. Nami is trying to tame Prometheus and Zeus in One Piece 983 manga chapter but they are very scared of Big Mom.

The manga chapter also shows similarities between Oden and Yamato, where fans are confident that he will join the straw hats crew too. Here are more details on One Piece chapter 983 spoilers, raw scans leaks, release date and manga read online methods.

One Piece Chapter 983 Reddit Spoilers and Leaks

  • Cover Story : Lola and Chiffon meet their father Pound.
  • Perospero is approching Onigashima alone using his candy ability, he is not approving of the alliance.
  • Prometheus chases down Nami, Zeus is worried he is going to die if he meets BigMom.
  • Zoro and Kid are fighting against the gifters.
  • Ulti and Luffy are headbutting each others (Ulti shouting her attack names)
  • Ulti and Page One devil fruit reveal. Ulti has a Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Zoan.
  • Yamato appears wearing a hannya (Oni )mask, and attacks Ulti making her fall with the fodders around getting confused.
  • Yamato uses “Boku” to refer to himself.
  • Yamato picks up Luffy and escapes from the beast pirates fodders.
  • Yamato : Straw Hat Luffy, right? I’ve been waiting for you all this time. My name is Yamato!! I’m Kaido’s son!!
  • Yamato’s appearance is said to be slim.
  • Yamato’s arm length = The total length of Luffy. (Approximately 5m?).
  • There is a scene where Momonosuke is tied to the cross.

One Piece Chapter 983 spoilers. from OnePiece

One Piece Chapter 983 Raw Scans Leaks

One Piece Chapter 983 Raw Scans Leaks

One Piece Chapter 983 raw scans are already leaked out on the internet in form of manga pages and pictures. One Piece 983 spoilers are available on Reddit as the raw scans are out and fans have translated them into English too.

One Piece Chapter 983 Release Date and Manga Read Online

One Piece Chapter 983 will release on Sunday, June 21, 2020, as per the official manga sources. The best part is that there are no breaks this time and fans will have back to back One Piece chapters.

One Piece Chapter 983 of the manga series can be read online on Viz Media, Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps, websites and other official platforms. Fans won’t have to adapt any illegal platforms for reading new One Piece manga chapters as they can be read for free and legally from the official sources.

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