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My hero academia 285: All you need to know!


My Hero Academia Chapter 285 is finally here. The chapter is now available for reading and streaming and some new details about this chapter are also here!

The famous manga launched its 285th edition on the 27th of September 2020. and finally, put an end to fans’ wait.

it is quite impressive how even after six years of release, it has still maintained the place in fans’ hearts! Anime fans cannot control their excitement since the release of the last chapter.

So the 285th chapter released on the 27th of September 2020. In Chapter 284, the Pro-heroes were battling it out with Tomura Shigaraki. Fans of the series saw many intense combat scenes between the antagonist and the Pro-heroes.


Despite the pain, Deku continues his assault on Tomura, striking him with Detroit smash, Wyoming Smash, and St. Louis Smash. Tomura realizes the damage dealt with him is exceeding his Super Regeneration, and if he doesn’t focus on defense he will get blown away. He starts to curse the Heroes for pushing him this far to his limits but stops and says that One For All is just in the way of his dream; a statement Deku says is One For All’s purpose before he uses Texas smash to strike him again. Tomura starts to try to figure out a Quirk to deal with Deku as a result. Tomura struggles to withstand Deku’s full power. On the ground, Manual says the fight above is incredible, but Katsuki says that Deku will die at this rate.


It is quite visible that fans around the world are quite happy to finally have their hands on the famous manga after the wait.


The famous manga has got a rating of 4.8 stars by comicbook.com which is quite impressive considering it was first released nearly six years ago!

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