Marvel’s Avengers A-Day Game

New Avengers Game Trailer is out, here are all the details revealed.

New Avengers Game

One of the most awaited Avengers game is finally out after the makers released the trailer for the game at E3 2019 Expo. Square Enix has been working for the last 2 years and announced it as ‘The Avengers Project’. Here is the trailer for the Avenger’s game called as Marvel’s Avengers A-day and everything that was revealed about the new game.

Game Trailer

The Game trailer shows that Avengers are celebrating their annual day when a group attacks the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Everyone goes to save the civilians while Captain America stays back on the bridge. It is later found out that it was a ruse to distract the Avengers, while the main aim was to steal the Tesseract core in their ship.

After that, it is shown that the world is taken over by the bad guys and most of the Avengers are dead. It is later revealed that they survived by hiding and now has to take their control back. Marvel’s Avengers A-day game will release on May 15, 2020, next year.

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