India is yet to see it’s worse regarding coronavirus

As of 8th June 2020, India has recorded more than 2,58,000 cases across the country. India is yet to see it’s worse regarding coronavirus.

India began its lockdown against the coronavirus from 25th Marc 2020. Which was quick but it did not give the expected results.

Numbers on coronavirus in India heading to worse

The following are the notable data regarding the current situation of coronavirus in India:

  • India is now the 6th most infected country in the world with over 2,58,000 cases.
  • 1,23,939 patients have recovered from the virus till now.
  • There are over 1,26,907 active cases in India.
  • 7,221 people have succumbed to the virus.
  • India stands at 2nd position in terms of critical cases just behind the U.S.A.
  • India has conducted 4.7+ Million tests until now.
  • India is testing 3,384 people per million people which is very low.

Increase in daily cases in India

india coronavirus worse

India has hit the 10,000 daily case mark and is increasing rapidly after the relaxations in Unlock 1.0.

Increase in daily deaths

The number of daily deaths has reached 300. And India is yet to see its worse regarding the coronavirus 

No notable decrease in active cases

The graph of the total Cases has just gone upwards and is not looking to fall down any time sooner.

India tried everything and yet is failing

The government was quick on declaring a lockdown, but the execution is where it got trouble.

The number of illiterate people in the country and miscommunication by the government led to chaos.

The migrant workers suffered the most during these tough times.

coronavirus in india worse

People walked back thousands of kilometers to their villages, some even went barefoot in the hot sun.

Where did the government lack

The biggest mistake that the government made was that it did not plan in advance about the situation of the migrants.

The government advised people to stay where they are but how could the migrants stay at a place where they can’t even find a meal.

The government did not do mass testing, and still is nowhere near the heavy testing method.

India started from 100 people per million and is now at 3300+ people per million in testing.

Out of 4.6 million tests conducted India found 2,47,000 positive reports. That is over a 5% outcome of positive results.

It is obvious that if India starts testing more we’ll have more positive cases and the effect of Unlock 1.0 by the government will add to the positive cases list.

India is yet to see it’s worse regarding coronavirus

The government has almost opened everything in the country even when the cases are continuously rising.

Other countries eased lockdown when the curve was falling but India did it when we’re yet to reach our peak number of cases.

The USA which had more than 33,000 daily cases is now at 22,000 daily cases mark, hence cases are falling.

Whereas on the other hand number of cases in India has been rapidly increasing and showing no signs of slowing down.

Your health is in your hands

The government is clearly stating by opening up everything at such times that you have to look after yourself.

We have to learn to live with the virus, that is what the government is stating.

india worse regarding coronavirus

Stay Home as much as possible, only go out if it’s regarding work and is important.

Use a face mask, wash hands regularly, use a sanitizer while you’re out, disinfect things which you touch more frequently like phone, your desk, steering wheel, etc.

Follow social distancing.

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Also, check out this Interview by a doctor about how India is yet to see it’s worse regarding coronavirus:



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