How To Lose Weight At Home?: 7 Easy Exercises

how to lose weigt at home

How To Lose Weight At Home? Well, the bodyweight rises at a much faster rate than it loses weight. The main reason can be your inactive nature towards your body.

how to lose weight at home

When those late-night snacks are consumed or those burgers from Macdonalds are eaten by you they gradually develop fat in your body.

The body’s metabolism is made such that it absorbs fat much faster than it loses fat.

So to get in shape all you have to do is focus on protein centered diet and do daily exercise that boosts the fat-burning process.

7 Daily Exercises To Lose Weight

1. Skipping

how to lose weight at home
With Or Without Rope For Atleast 1 Minute Daily

Skipping is one of the most beneficial exercises when it comes to weight loss.

2. Mountain Climber

lose weight at home
45-60 Secs Daily

The mountain climber exercise gives tension on the side part of the stomach hence results in fat loss on your side part of the belly.

Both hands should be straight and legs should be brought close to your hands alternatively for 45-60 Secs.

3. Jumping Jacks

For At Least 1 Minute

The jumping jack exercise pumps the heart rate and produces sweat in the body and thus results in fat loss.

4. Long Arm Crunches

16 To 20 Reps Daily

This exercise gives stress on your abdomen and stomach and helps in losing belly fat. 

Normally 16 to 20 reps daily are ideal for beginners and if one wants to push their limit, they can do so by increasing 4-5 reps every week.

5. Heel Touch
heel touch16-20 Reps Daily

This particular exercise focuses on the side portion of the belly which is one of the hardest parts of the body to lose weight.

16-20 reps are ideal for a beginner and gradually one can increase their reps according to their efficiency.

6. Plank
plankFor 20-40 Secs Daily

Plank is considered one of the most effective exercises in terms of losing belly fat as it gives tension to your stomach.

20 Secs daily is ideal for beginners and upon the efficiency, one can increase their limit.

7. Cobra Stretch
cobra stretch30-45 Secs Daily

Cobra stretch is effective for your whole stomach from the lower chest to your abdomen. Also, it is one of the easiest exercises.

30 secs of time is ideal for this exercise.

You have to devote 10 minutes of your time daily for these exercises.

Also, your diet will determine whether you succeed with this routine of exercise or not.

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