Frozen 2 Trailer Out Now

One of the most awaited Disney sequels is finally out now with the new trailer for Frozen 2. The fans of the princess movie were waiting for 6 years and finally received the sequel update. Frozen 2 will continue the journey of Queen Elsa who has special Ice powers and her sister Anna. Here is the brand new trailer for Frozen 2 movie.

Disney did an awesome job by not revealing much information about the movie in the new trailer. The trailer starts with Elsa trying to stop a big ocean wave, but after a while, she can’t control and falls down in the water. It is when she encounters a magical horse in the water, and the story starts. The scene almost parallels the shape of water poster.

After which, Anna summons the wise trolls which tell the group that Elsa has to travel far to the unknown magical lands. The new journey of Frozen 2 begins and Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and his antler goes on a new adventure. They travel to the far lands of winter, where more magic is introduced. The group reaches a magical waterfall gate, which everyone fears to cross, but Elsa opens it and a whole new world is unlocked.

The Trailer ends with the tease of a new monster which is very large. Anna jokes that Elsa can handle anything, and a big bear like creature is shown and everyone runs away. Frozen 2 will release in theaters in November 2019 worldwide.

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