NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Roster wants Carmelo Anthony as their Teammate for NBA 2019-20 Season

Carmelo Anthony can finally get a trade deal from Brooklyn Nets despite them having a full roster. The Nets can put Wilson Chandler on inactive list who was suspended for 30 games for using enhanced drugs. Also, there is a way to add Anthony to the training camp contract as the Nets only have 17 names signed out of 20 for now.

The point is Melo can always be brought in Brooklyn Nets if the team wants it. Most of the Nets roster players including Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Caris LeVert would love to play alongside Carmelo Anthony in NBA 2019-20 season

Brooklyn Nets needs Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony have a huge fan following in New York and adding him to Brooklyn Nets would be a smart choice. The Nets could use the 10 times All-Star to take shots until Kevin Durant is recovered and he would be a great fit. There would also be the benefits of having a calm atmosphere in locker room as Kyrie Irving is infamous for the same.

Carmelo Anthony is loved by Nets Players

Brooklyn Nets currently have a lot of players who has been good friends with Carmelo Anthony all over the NBA years. Melo was seen working out with Kyrie Irving in Los Angeles training center along with other players from the Nets. Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan have played with Carmelo Anthony during the 2016 FIBA world cup and shares a good bonding. With so many players advocating for Anthony, the Brooklyn Nets would sure give a thought of signing a deal with him.

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