Black Clover Chapter 254 Spoilers, Reddit Leaks: Megicula takes over Vanica to kill Loro, Noelle Stops them

Black Clover Chapter 254 Spoilers, Reddit Leaks- Megicula takes over Vanica to kill Loro, Noelle Stops them

Black Clover Chapter 254 spoilers are finally out with the manga raw scans leaks arriving on Reddit and other social media platforms. It shows that Megicula arrives and takes over the body of Vanica to kill Lolopechka aka Loro. But Noelle arrives in between and saves Loro from the two dark magic users. Here are more details on Black Clover chapter 254 spoilers, Reddit leaks, raw scans and manga read online methods.

Black Clover Chapter 254 Reddit Spoilers and Leaks

  • Even if Megicula is sealed, Loro’s curse doesn’t disappers.
  • Megicula appears taking over half of Vanica’s body and says humans are exciting and she didn’t expected that someone could almost seal her. 
  • Megicula binds Nero with her magic.
  • Megicula’s magic is Falling World, which dispels any magic that would affect her.
  • Loro grows weak in the presence of Megicula.
  • Vanica is angry that Megicula interrupted, but Megicula tells her to shut up.
  • Loro’s curse activates, she falls to the floor in pain. Undine disappears because Loro’s magic can’t sustain her.
  • Vanica says that Loro is done. They decide to be merciful and end her suffering. 
  • Before Megicula and Vanica kills Loro, Noelle attacks them.
  • Noelle continues trying to fight.
  • Vancia doesn’t cared about Noelle, but Megicula stops in her tracks.
  • Megicula recognises Noelle.

Black Clover Chapter 254 Release Date and Raw Scans Leaks

Black Clover Chapter 254 will release on Sunday, June 21, 2020, as per the official manga sources. The best part is that the break is over this time and fans will get new Black Clover chapters in the manga series.

The raw scans for Black Clover 254 are already leaked online but it would be better to wait for the official English translation. The full manga chapter will be out very soon.

Black Clover Chapter 254 Manga Read Online

Black Clover Chapter 254 of the manga series can be read online on Viz Media, Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps, websites and other official platforms. Fans won’t have to adapt any illegal platforms for reading new Black Clover manga chapters as they can be read for free and legally from the official sources.

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